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Carl Hughes get a Haircut

After years of growing and grooming his hair, Carl Hughes finally gives it up for several good causes. As a Membership Incentive, he put his hair on the auction block, or in this case, the chopping block, to get funds to sponsor new members. Once his Mother found out about this offer, she jumped at the chance to have her son get a haircut. It cost her $330.00, but she happily wrote out the check.

Now that Carl has all this hair (16 inches) unattached, he will be donating it to the foundation that makes wigs for children being treated for cancer. Hopefully, he will help make some child as happy as he made his mother!

Carl Hughes may have lost his long hair, but the good news is, some child in need will get it, and we gained 5 new members and a sponsorship to renew 2 other members. Way to go, Carl !!!

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